Monday, March 31, 2008

Character Sketches


bhaveshc said...

Nice work.Good characterisation.Some nice graphic designs in the begning.The characters looks very cute.Illustrations
are very good.You have done a good thinking behind the design forms and tried to create some different shapes in a experimental way.
Some of your illustrations depicts that you are very ambitious.Character sketches are very good.There are some nice semi realistic characters
showing the different personalities and moods.Yeah....overall some nice stuff to see.Hope to see some more work in near future.Goodluck.Bye.

funbubblz said...

ohh!what a unique style you hav,absolutely wonderful and refreshing to see.great work.very inspiring,keep up the good work and keep posted,thanx for sharing.

funbubblz said...

just thought id see some new posts here,lovely work there,where r u frm by the way,dharmali?just curious.

Dharmali Patel said...


thanks for dropping by,n i am glad u enjoyed my blog. i am originally from mumbai.

pooja said...

Hi, am so glad i finally checked you blog. Remember seeing some of them, the lady with the cats and the one sending letters to the moon! Looks amazing..Loved the miners :)